Our story is one long, wild, ride but we'll tell you all the highlights (and hey, maybe we'll tell you the whole thing sometime)! We met through friends in high school and with our shared interests in photography + videography, became friends automatically. A few months into our blossoming friendship, we started our YouTube channel "Katie + Jayden" to document all of our adventures together...hint hint. We started dating soon after that and decided to venture into the business field. Jayden and I started up our own personal businesses and a shared business, Adventure Together, where we promoted our YouTube and sold clothing that we designed. After a few years, we found that we ultimately work better as one and started Adventure Together Creative Co. where we can do what we love together!

It's kind of a long story...

Hey, we're katie and jayden!

Human connection
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Rose and fireflies dancing in the spiderwebs. Talking for hours and dozing off with the tv on. The record skips a few times and we pick a new song to fall asleep to. Morning coffee, a few minutes late to work, a brisk walk down the street window shopping for the upcoming fall season. Wool sweaters, bare trees, cold nights. The sweetest reminder that summer has one foot out the door.

We are far from your normal Photographer + Videographer.

What's up? I'm the one and only Katie Locke: photographer, lover of nature and ambivert. I love my plants, traveling, listening to Lana Del Rey on repeat, and want to live in Colorado in a converted Sprinter van, Oh yeah... I also really wanna open a coffee shop! 
Around four years ago, I was gifted my first professional DSLR camera. I had no idea how to use it or how much it would completely affect my journey. Two years after that, I met Jayden which is when I started looking at photography as more of a job than a hobby.  After years of practicing, thousands of YouTube video tutorials, starting a small photography business and now starting an entire media company, I have unequivocally found my life passion, photography. However, this is not just my passion because it’s a job able to support my questionably extreme spending habits. Being a photographer means that I get to make money doing what I love most in this life: traveling, making people confident + happy and influencing others through my work. When I am asked, “What is your dream job?” it’s a simple answer; I’m already living it.

Meet Katie.

we work best as a team

Idk Jayden does video and then edits it. He's about yea tall and has no ass but throws that shit back like he does.
The End.

Meet Jayden.

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